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Lieyu Township — Adventurous Scenic Route


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Lingshui Lake

Nostalgic adventure around the islet

The around-islet route is a 18.5 km bikeway featuring sea view and war-related facilities in Little Kinmen. It starts from Jiugong Pier and proceeds counterclockwise to General's Fortress, Yongshi Fort, Tiehan Fort, Maogongshi Island Recreation Area, Hujingtou Battle Museum, Lingshui Lake Birding Area and Donglin Seashore. As the route is like a green tunnel shaded with greeneries, it gives cyclists an incredible sense of refreshment and coziness.

Bikeway Information

Total length:18.5km

Suggested route:
Jiugong PierGeneral's FortressTiger Fortress →Tiehan Fort *Yongshi FortMaogongshiHujingtou Battle MuseumShuangkouXihuGeneral Lee TempleLingshui LakeChaste Maiden TempleChingchiNanshantouDongangLuocuo Fishing Harbor

The * sign indicates a branch route.

Cycling Route

Download Lieyu Township Road Map

Nearby Attractions