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Guided Taxi Tour

Tourism Taxi

For the convenience of travelers in Kinmen, taxis with a certification label of Kinmen County Tour-Guiding Taxi offer tour guiding and pick-up services. Traveling service tailored for short layovers are also available.


  • Half-day and one-day tour-guiding service
  • Travel itineraries and plans
  • The service is charged by hour, NT$400 per hour, the minimum rental is half a day. NT$3,000 for 8 hours, and NT$4,000 to 4,500 per day for more than 6 people.
  • TEL : +886-911-627632

Suggested Itineraries

One-day Tour

(Kinmen Airport)Juguang TowerGuningtou Battle MuseumZhenwei ResidenceGuningtou Shuiwei TowerQionglin Tsai Family Ancestral ShrineMashan Observing Station and Broadcasting StationShanhou Folk Culture Village823 Artillery Battle Museum - Yu Ta-wei Memorial HallKinmen County Pottery FactoryZhongshan Forest — Ching-Kuo Memorial HallKinmen Winery(Souvenirs)

Half-day Tour

(Kinmen Airport)Zhaishan TunnelKinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc.Zhongshan Forest — Ching-Kuo Memorial HallQionglin Village (underground tunnel, wind lion gods)823 Artillery Battle Museum, Xihong Village(Souvenirs)

Reference Price

Half-day tour-guiding service including taxi fare: NT$1500

One-day tour-guiding service including taxi fare: NT$3000