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How to get to Kinmen


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Historic Village

How to get to Kinmen

From the main island of Taiwan, the only way to get here is by airplane.

If you’re coming from Mainland China, there are ferries from Xiamen and Quanzhou.

All the airlines and ferry companies require showing ID such as a passport or Taiwan residency card before boarding.

A word to the wise: If you’re traveling in spring (end of Mar-mid May), fog may cause the cancellation of flights and ferries for a day or, more rarely, two. It’s best to have a flexible schedule, with one extra day up your sleeve on either end of your trip if you’re coming in the spring.

Kinmen airline route map

FERRIES from MAINLAND CHINA Xiamen & Quanzhou

From Xiamen (Wutong Ferry Terminal): takes 30 min, costs 160 RMB. Return trip from Kinmen to Xiamen costs NT$650.

From Quanzhou (Shijing Port): takes 1 hr, costs 140 RMB. Return trip from Kinmen to Quanzhou costs NT$650.

Buying Tickets

Buy your ticket at the ferry terminal. Tickets go on sale one hour before each departure. You can book tickets one day in advance by calling the ferry companies (using Chinese only). But as the ferries are large and frequent, aside from public holidays, it’s unlikely the seats will be sold out.


10 different companies run the service, and ferries depart Wutong Ferry Terminal between 08:00 and 18:30, and depart Kinmen between 08:00 and 18:30. The times change slightly every month—here’s a link to the monthly schedules, in Chinese only: https://goo.gl/7EK8zK

Here’s the link to the names and phone numbers of the 10 companies: https://goo.gl/oFkwYR


2 different companies run this route, with ferries departing Shijing Port between 8:30 and 15:00, and setting off from Kinmen between 9:50 and 16:20.

The times change slightly every month—here’s a link to the monthly schedules (in Chinese only): https://goo.gl/7EK8zK

Here’s the link to the names and phone numbers of the 2 companies: https://goo.gl/oFkwYR

The ferry terminal in Kinmen is about a 20-min walk from the village of Shuitou, and about a 10-min bus ride from the town of Jincheng. See “How to Get Around” for transportation options from the ferry terminal.


Buying Tickets

A round-trip ticket roughly costs between NT$2,500-4,000. A round-trip ticket is not any more economical than two one-way tickets. The cheapest way to buy tickets is directly through the airlines (listed below) on their websites, where they all offer a certain number of “promotional tickets” for each flight. These are only valid for the date and time of the ticket. If you decide to fly on a different date or time, you’ll have to buy a new ticket. You can get a refund on the promotional ticket, but there’s a penalty charge.

  • Taipei: Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), Mandarin Airlines, UNI Air
  • Kaohsiung: Far Eastern Air Transport (FAT), UNI Air
  • Taichung: Far East Airlines (FAT), Mandarin Airlines, UNI Air
  • Tainan: UNI Air
  • Chiayi: UNI Air
  • Penghu: UNI Air

If you’re coming during the following national holiday periods, you definitely need to book your seat in advance. Tickets go on sale online around two months in advance for:

  • New Year's Day
  • Chinese New Year
  • 228 Peace Memorial Day
  • Tomb Sweeping Day
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Moon Festival
  • National Day

If you're making a spontaneous decision to come, on most non-holiday weekdays there are seats available to buy online or at the airport.

Airport Check-in Arrival Time

You need to have completed check-in a half-hour before your flight departure time.

In the Case of a Typhoon

Although typhoons rarely hit Kinmen, if there’s a typhoon on the main island of Taiwan, flights to and from Kinmen will be cancelled. The typhoon season is mainly July through Sept.

If you’ve bought a ticket and your flight gets cancelled due to fog or typhoon, you will get a full refund for that flight, but you’ll need to rebook (and pay for) a new ticket on another flight. Ask for the refund at the airline ticket counter, and about available seats on upcoming flights. Note if you booked your ticket online, your refund will be processed online as well.

The airlines don’t give priority to the passengers whose flight has been cancelled due to bad weather conditions. If you’re lucky, you could get a seat on a flight leaving soon after the weather clears—it depends how many seats are available on those flights, and how many other passengers have rebooked ahead of you. If there are no seats available for upcoming flights, you’ll be put on a waiting list.

The Kinmen Airport website provides useful information such as luggage restrictions and daily flight departures, arrivals and delays: http://www.kma.gov.tw/English/Main/index.aspx

The airport is close to the center of the island, a 25-min bus ride from the town of Jincheng and a 10-min ride from the town of Shanwai. See “How to Get Around” for transportation options from the airport.