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Kinmen Weather

For current weather conditions and a weekly forecast, click here (Taiwan's Central Weather Administration website):

Kinmen Weather - Central Weather Administration

Kinmen is in the subtropics, with virtually the same climate as Xiamen, China since it's less than 3 km away. The weather is similar to Taipei's, except that nearly every day of the year, it's 2 degrees (C) cooler, and also noticeably drier. Both humidity and precipitation are lower than most places on the main island of Taiwan. In fact, Kinmen has experienced near-drought conditions in recent years. It is famous for its wind. It's not always windy, but when it blows, it's biting cold in the winter and nice and cool in the summer.

When's the best time to come, weather-wise?

Assuming you like temperatures around 25C with clear skies and relatively low humidity with little chance of rain, the best time to come to Kinmen is in the Fall, ie anytime from mid-October through the first half of December.

The Seasons in Kinmen

Spring = March through May

Temperatures gradually climb up to about 26C during March, April and May, but they tend to go up and down, so although you won't need long underwear, it's a good idea to bring a fairly warm sweater or medium-weight jacket.

The spring is Kinmen's fog season. Flights and ferries can be cancelled for a day, even possibly 2 days (although this is rare). It's a good idea to have a flexible schedule if you're coming at this time, with a day free on either end of your trip in case of fog.

There's usually a plum rain season in late April into May, which involves rain showers some days. It's not cold, but an umbrella is useful!


Summer = June through mid-Oct.

Dragon Boat Festival Day marks the start of summer, usually at the end of May or beginning of June. The summer is long, continuing through much of October. Temperatures average 29-33 C (85F - 92F), with high humidity. The sun is strong, but since Kinmen's a fairly small island, almost everywhere there's usually a cool breeze coming off the sea.

Come prepared with proper sun protection such as sunglasses and sunscreen. It is unlikely that summer night-time temperatures will be cool enough for long-sleeved shirts or pants, but you might want to pack a pair as defence against mosquitoes, whether you're hiking Mt. Taiwu or just relaxing with a cup of tea at your accommodation. A light jacket can also come in handy on a scooter after dark.


Fall = mid-Oct. through mid-Dec.

Mid-October through mid-December is the most pleasant time, weather-wise. You can expect daytime highs of between 18 and 25C, with lows at night of about 12. You'll probably want to wear short sleeves during the day, and long sleeves at night. Both shorts and light trousers would be good to pack.


Winter = Mid-Dec. through Feb.

Mid-Dec through Feb. can have temperatures as low as 3C at night, with highs normally at around 12C during the day. If the sun's out, it's quite pleasant, but there can be a cold wind. The lack of insulation and heating in buildings can make it feel quite cold indeed. Four layers are suggested: long underwear, (top and bottom), a turtleneck, a sweater and a fleece jacket, plus heavy warm socks. A light jacket to block the wind will be useful. If you intend to get around on a scooter, gloves and a heavier winter coat or a packable down jacket layered with a wind breaker/rain coat on top are strongly recommended.


Kinmen's weather and the best time to visit

Kinmen is roughly situated at the same latitude of Central Taiwan. Due to continental island characteristics, the average temperature in Kinmen is about 20.8°C. The weather is generally cooler than that of Taiwan, but diurnal temperature variation is significant. March to May is the fog season during which thick fog often disrupts the operation of ferries and flights. April to June is the monsoon season. During the scorching hot summer in Kinmen, typhoons may occasionally visit. Whereas, winter is colder and drier as a result of the strong Northeast monsoon.

Kinmen offers various natural sceneries throughout the year. Spring is the season of rapeseed flowers and fog. The gorgeous yellow sea and the beauty of fogginess are both uniquely appealing. Summer is perfect for beach activities. Golden kaoliang fields are the highlight in autumn, and the spectacular scene of returning cormorants and migratory birds is what lights up winter in Kinmen.

※Refer to Central Weather Administration for more accurate information on the weather and temperature in Kinmen.



Average temperature: About 16°C

Travel essentials: Camera, light jacket, leisurewear, umbrella

Gentle reminder: Spring is the fog season in Kinmen during which it has the highest humidity. Scheduled flights and ferries may be suspended due to heavy fog. Also, remember to bring a light jacket to get you through the drastic temperature change in one day.



Average temperature: About 28°C

Travel essentials: Sunglasses, hat and umbrella for sun protection, bug spray, telescope for birdwatching or stargazing, beach gear

Gentle reminder: Summer in Kinmen is scorching hot. You can easily get sunburnt without appropriate sun protection measures.



Average temperature: About 23°C

Travel essentials: Body lotion, light jacket, skin care products

Gentle reminder: Autumn is the best season to visit Kinmen. The weather is cool and enjoyable, and the scenery of endlessly stretching kaoliang fields is simply spectacular.



Average temperature: About 13°C

Travel essentials: Hat, mask, gloves, warm clothing, telescope for birdwatching or stargazing, body lotion, face mask and moisturizing skin care products.

Gentle reminder: The Northeast monsoon is very strong in the winter. Remember to dress warmly lest catching a cold.