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Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty

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◼️The original layout of the Military Headquarters is well preserved. Wax figures are placed to recreate past scenes.
◼️February to April is the blooming season of the giant red silk cotton tree (Bombax Ceiba) in the backyard.
◼️There are a tourist center and toilets.
◼️It is first stop of the free Houpu guided tour.

Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty was originally the study of Xu Xie, a successful candidate in the highest imperial examination in the Ming dynasty (1601). In the era of Kangxi Qing Dynasty, Commander General Chen Long relocated the military headquarters to the current location in light of the frequent turmoils in late Ming Dynasty and the dense population in Houpu. Even after Kinmen became a county in 1915, the military headquarters remained of high political significance. It had accommodated a number of different government entities including the County Government, Administrative Bureau, Department of Defense, etc. Today, it is a renowned tourist attraction in Kinmen and a county-designated historic monument.
Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty
The architectural layout is comprehensively preserved and revitalized with wax figures placed in different rooms to simulate past scenes that are further elaborated with descriptions.
Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty
The giant red silk cotton tree in the backyard is the largest of its kind in Southeast Asia which attracts many photographers during the blooming season.
Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty
◾️ Eastern Office for Staff ①:It was originally the office for the staff of the personnel, rites, and revenue ministries. It is now an exhibition room where the history of Kinmen and the defense mechanism in the olden days are on display.
◾️ Eastern Office for Staff②:It was originally the office for the staff of the personnel, rites, and revenue ministries. It is now an exhibition room where stories of commander generals deployed to Kinmen and Kinmense military officials are on display.
◾️Eastern Hall for Weaponry and Equipment:The story of the Xu Xie, the owner of the study and Kinmen naval defense map
◾️The Left Room of the Inner House:A recreated scene of the military examination in Qing Dynasty
◾️Inner House:A recreated scene featuring audio recordings and wax figures of the commander general and his wife chatting at home
◾️The Right Room of the Inner House:A display of Qing Dynasty naval missions
◾️The Right Room of the Inner Office:A display of military ranks in Qing Dynasty
◾️ Inner Office:A recreated scene featuring audios recordings and wax figures of the commander general having a discussion with his subordinates
◾️The Left Room of the Inner Office:A display of flags and military uniforms of Qing Dynasty
◾️Eastern Room:It was originally a vault. It now showcases two main exhibits.
A. Military orders and seals
B. The honor conferment mechanism of Qing Dynasty
◾️Main Hall:It was the main venue for work and where trials were held. The office table and other furniture are on display.
◾️Western Room:It was originally a library. Today it showcases the prison ward, Qing martial law and punishment tools.
◾️Main Hall Eastern and Western Exhibition Room: There are wax figures in the underground prison wards.
◾️Westside Room:A display of weapons used by Qing naval forces
◾️Western Hall for Weaponry and Equipment ①:Qing naval forces battleships
◾️Western Hall for Weaponry and Equipment ②:The architectural development of Kinmen Military Headquarters of Qing Dynasty and a model
◾️Western Office for Staff:It was originally the office for staff of the military, justice and public affairs ministries. It is now a tourist center where books are for sale.

Houpu Guided Tour Schedule
🔼It is a 1.8-km walking tour.🔼
◾️Every evening 19:30-21:30
◾️Please register at the Military Headquarters or call 082-371717.


TEL +886-82-371717

Address No.53, Wujiang Street, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwan, R.O.C

Opening Hours 09:00~22:00


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  • DavidASU

    Union City, California

    Traveler type:

    Friends getaway

    Nice Historic Spot

    3 2018-09

    It was a Qin dynasty Government to rule the town. The building was rebuilt to mimic the original one. The tree in the four yard is quite interesting to have a branch connecting two trees. The basement has a prison with the introduction of five most used tortures back then to force suspects to commit crimes.
  • thelonious22


    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Nice historical site

    3 2018-09

    Military Governor’s Office was the most noticeable non-modern day military related building. As with all other attractions in Kinmen, entrance was free and each section had a good display about what the complex was used for during the Qing Dynasty era in English.
  • TS0ng

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:


    What? 5-punishment table?

    4 2016-03

    Where can you find the 5-punishment table? Where can you find wax works in Old Jincheng? Where can you read the history of Qing Forces based in Kinmen and where can you walk in an historical site that has seen used by the Qing, Japanese & Chinese & Taiwanese forces. This is THE place!! I never realized the rich history that exists till I visited Zhongbingsu. A must visit for those who loves history.
  • STS_1234

    Singapore, Singapore

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel


    3 2016-04

    Kinmen (金门) is a small island near to Xiamen China than Taiwan main island. So don't expect anything grand, is the unique history count. This is the military General and administrative office. If you can, try to join the guided tour at 7.30 pm. to have a better understanding of this small town.
  • wacoowacoo

    Hong Kong, China

    Traveler type:


    Interesting place to know the history of Qing Dynasty

    4 2016-01

    This place is not huge compare to some historical sites in China, but still worth to visit as if you are a big fan of Chinese history. Basement exhibits some scary wax figures of ancient jail scenes. Location very close to JinCheng Bus Terminal & right at the tip of city centre.

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