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Andong Military Camp





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The mural art takes visitors back to the battles.

The King Kong statue in the fort is the logo of Regiment 3.


Andong Military Camp is located in the northwest of Kinmen near Shagang Beach as an important coastal defense stronghold near Guningtou villages. Kinmen National Park Headquarters renovated this spot and turned it into a tourist attraction in 2016. Visitors can learn about war history from the murals in the fort.
Andong Military Camp

Andong Military Camp is an important battlefield in the Guningtou battle. The military deployed more firepower here than to other places. The base is equipped with M24 light tanks and 19 machine gun posts on the left and right hand sides, indicating the strategic importance of this location.
Andong Military Camp

The King Kong statue in the fort is the logo of Regiment 3. The “growling guerilla” symbolizes the great power enough to combat tigers and leopards, great resilience and endurance, and the undying fighting spirit even when injured—all of which are the characteristics of the armored reconnaissance.
Andong Military Camp

When visiting here, you can also visit Guningtou Battle Museum, Beishan Cliff, Beishan Broadcasting Wall, and Guningtou Beach. This series of attractions will bring visitors back to the old battling days to experience the great history.
Andong Military Camp


Management Unit Kinmen National Park

TEL +886-82-313127

Address No. 50-6, Lincuo, Jinning Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:00-17:00


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