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Beishan Old Western-style house





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Have a picture taken with the bullet hole wall and imagine the thrill of the battlefield.

The building is now a hostel that celebrates diversity.

Iconic Building of Battle of Guningtou


Beishan Old Western-style house was established in 1928 by three brothers: Li Jinyu, Li Yanya, and Li Tianzu, from Guningtou. After running a successful coconut export business in Manila, the Philippines, the Li brothers returned to their hometown in Beishan to build the western-style grand house with two courtyards and annexes.
Situated at a higher strategic position, the house has great views and overlooks the entire village. During the Battle of Guningtou, it was occupied by the communist troops and became a command post. After going through a series of fierce shootouts and bombings, it is unquestionably proof of Kinmen’s past as a battle frontier.
Nowadays you can still see the collapsed rooftops and numerous bullet holes; yet, these do not affect the exquisiteness of the western-style building. The inside of the building has now been transformed into a hostel, providing tourists with comfortable accommodation. The traces of the ruthless wars on the building will make you feel as if you could still hear the sound of bombs exploding.

Beishan Old Western-style house


Management Unit Department of Tourism, Kinmem County Government

Address No. 55-3, N. Hill, Jinning Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Open all day

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit