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Chaste Maiden Temple





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Traditionally, unmarried couples or single men are considered taboo; married couples are more suitable visitors.

The vegetable dumplings sold in front of Chaste Maiden Temple are popular snacks.


There are many temples in Lieyu. Chaste Maiden Temple is one of the most visited temples. It is situated to the southwest of Lieyu, Qingqi Village, and is also called Wanxiangu Temple.
Chaste Maiden Temple

Chaste Maiden Temple’s real name is “Chastity Temple.” It is dedicated to Wanxiangu (Fairy Wang), who was originally called Wang Yulan and came from Xiamen. It has been said that one day when Wang went to collect oysters along the coast at noon, she was sexually assaulted and then drowned in the ocean. Her body drifted to the coast of Gueshan, Lieyu, and was later discovered and buried by soldier Liu, a local marine soldier. Afterwards, she appeared in people's dreams and explained what had happened to her. The stationed soldiers and locals all felt for her and thus raised money in 1956 to commission the 81st Division to build a temple for her. The Temple became a place that offered spiritual support for the stationed soldiers and local villagers at the time.
Chaste Maiden Temple

Chaste Maiden Temple was visited by many and seemed to grant whatever was requested. After reconstruction and expansion, it has turned into how it is today, and became a famous tourist attraction, attracting many people to come and pay tribute to the fairy or make wishes. But remember, unmarried couples and single men are considered taboo as it is more suitable for married couples to visit. If your wish is granted, make sure to show your gratitude to the Temple with offerings.


Address Qingqi, Lieyu Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours all day

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit