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Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute





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The grass slide area is suitable for kids and parents.

Visitors can bring their own food to barbecue for free in the barbecue area.

A sea of Cosmos attracts numerous visitors every year.


Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute grows a sea of flowers every year to attract tourists. It also sets up a barbecue area, Eurasian otter habitat, Houlong River water play area, ecological regulating pond, floral corridor, etc. The plants here change with the seasons. The excellent environment also attracts fireflies, treehoppers, and various birds.
Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute

In recent years, Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute has actively re-invigorated the unused spaces in an attempt to integrate production, living, ecology, and sustainability. It has transformed the abandoned plant nursery into a LOHAS agricultural center as well as a handcraft classroom and hopes to create products incorporating farm elements to present local agricultural products and farming experience. This endeavor is aimed at increasing the depth of tourism in the eastern part of Kinmen and to create a new hotspot for travel photography.

Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute was established in 1952 and was mainly responsible for researching and testing vegetables, fruits, and ornamental plants, as well as the cultivation of improved varieties. In 1997, it changed its direction to ecology and planned an educational park, multipurpose management for agriculture, and tourism activities. It has also been dedicated to education and the improvement of ecological environments.

The Barbecue Area
There are 28 barbecue spaces, and each can accommodate 10 people with seats and cooking pits. You only need to bring your own fuel source and food. Here, you can experience the fun of farm life.
Kinmen County Agricultural Research Institute

The Grass Slide Area
There are facilities such as a lookout and seating area. You can bring your own tools to grass slide here.


Address No. 31 Houlong Village, Jinhu Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:00-17:00, Monday to Friday

Admission charge Free
Offical Site Offical Site


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  • Parking

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