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Chuan Xing Fort





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The coastline leads to the E034 Han She Hua base.

The fort is 3-levels high; if you walk to the highest level, you can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of bases E034 and E042.

The stone Titanic in Kinmen.


“Chuan Xing Fort (E-037)”, also known as “Hushan fort,” is located at the seaside of Hou Bian Hu Shan bay in Jinsha. The fort is 3-levels high and there is an underground tunnel connecting the two underground forts on its right and left sides. The Fort’s name (Chuan Xing means Ship-shaped) came from its resemblance to a warship, with the bow facing towards the shore, creating an interesting scene of a big ship landing on the shore. It was once used to support Han She Hua (E-034) and Hou Bian (E-042), serving as a fort for military deception.
Chuan Xing Fort

After being decommissioned, Chuan Xing Fort has been left with 3 layers of anti-landing piles that are extremely eye-catching. This uniquely-shaped fort is a rare military base in Kinmen and an attraction point frequently sought by tourists. The “Live and Die with the Battlefield” slogan in the Fort demonstrates the hard work and determination of the soldiers on the Island.
Chuan Xing Fort

After being renovated by Kinmen National Park Headquarters, it was re-opened on January 10, 2019 and brought to life again as a museum. It is a successful example of a military ruin rejuvenated and reutilized.
Chuan Xing Fort


Management Unit 金門國家公園管理處

Address Fork road at Kinmen Folk Culture Village, Maple Woods, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:30-17:00

Admission charge Free


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