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North Wind Lord, Wind Chicken




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North Wind Lord, the god in charge of the wind, is located by the road between Xifang and Houzhai Village. Facing north, the Lord is considered to protect local people against freezing the northern wind in the winter, who pray for a prosperous harvest in the spring to come. Xifang and Dongkeng Communities both have a North Wind God with different appearances-- one is black-faced and painted with oil, standing beside the road, while the other is carved out of plain stone, standing beside a Kaoliang (or sorghum) farm.

The Wind Chicken is a characteristic talisman of Lieyu, It is said that the Wind Chicken can manipulate the wind, protect local people from the evil spirits and pests, and keep local people and their homes safe and sound. Therefore, villagers built wind chicken on the top of their roofs and at the entrance of their villages. In line with the white painting on it, the Wind Chicken is also called the White Chicken.


Address Lieyu Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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Admission charge Free

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