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Shamei Old Street


Thursday : Open 24 hours a day




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The wall paintings are painted with Kinmen’s unique characteristics by illustrators.

Abandoned Old Houses are known as Kinmen’s Morocco. They are must-visit places for photography lovers.

Must-eat delicacies: wonton mix, Shaobing (baked flatbread), ox-tongue pastry.


Shamei Old Street is one of the earliest commercial streets formed in Kinmen; it was once called Gossip Street. This street used to be the most vibrant place in Kinmen. Back then, soldiers stationed here would come here to buy groceries and watch movies. Now, you can still enjoy various traditional snacks on Shamei Old Street and experience the nostalgic atmosphere.
Shamei Old Street

In comparison with the Houpu or Shanwai district, Shamei District has preserved the authentic traditional culture and lifestyle. Many places here still look like they did 30 years ago. Coming here is like travelling to the past. Here, you can see mottled doors and tile banners. There are also 30-year-old special cuisines, such as the crispy Shaobing, wonton mix popular among soldiers, and traditional pastries made with ancient recipes. All these make foodies want to come to Shamei Old Street time and again.

Zhang Wen Di, Western-Style Building
Zhang Wen Di, a Chinese Malaysian, returned to his hometown to put up this building. When it was completed in 1936, it was occupied by the Japanese troops and then the Nationalist troops. Now, nobody resides in this building. In terms of layout, the building is a two-story western-style building with a protruding veranda in the middle, and a back annex on the ground floor. The outside of the building is adorned with elegant relief sculptures. What is special about the building is that its second floor has a toilet in both the main rooms on the left and right side, making it a rare old western-style building that has toilets in the rooms in Kinmen.


Address Around Xinyi Road, Sanmin Rd, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Sunday : Open 24 hours a day
Monday : Open 24 hours a day
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Thursday : Open 24 hours a day
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Saturday : Open 24 hours a day

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  • Light meals
  • Souvenir shopping
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  • Bus Stop

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