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Former Residence of Yang Hua

楊華故居 Closed

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  Yang Hua (courtesy name Liangyuan, pseudonym Fengshan) was born 1745 in Husia. He joined the military when he came of age and was initially an auxiliary stationed in Xiamen. During the campaign to put down the Lin Shuang-wen Rebellion, he captured many rebels and was eventually promoted to command of his own naval detachment. In 1796, he was promoted again to commander of the Haitan garrison where his successes against pirates saw him promoted to commands in Min-an, Langshan and Jingkou. In 1809, he was finally made the Regional Commander for Susong Township and Admiral of Jiangnan. Later he requested retirement and passed away at the age of 82.

During the Qing Dynasty, Kinmen produced many outstanding military commanders. All of these generals made their name battling pirates so it was truly a period when "opportunity called for heroes".

The General's House at No. 114 Husia was once the residence of Regional Commander Yang Hua. The residence is set out in the three-courtyard grand abode style with a left wing typical of Kinmen's larger estates. High quality building materials were used and exquisite brick carvings were used for the screen on the front gallery.

Great pains were taken with the decorations and the partition walls featured finely carved wooden windows.

Unlike civilian houses, the roof and roof ridge were built with three ridges while the main hall and rear hall had a single-dragon style swallowtail roof. The Longyin on the ridge is also rarely seen on other houses.



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