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Ciou Liang-Gong Historic House





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  Ciou Liang-Gong (courtesy name Yu-yun, pseudonym Cho-chai) was born in Houpu. His father died when he was a baby and when he grew up, he took great care of his mother. He served in the military for many years and as one of Lee Fang-wei's favored officers at Jinjhen; he helped to suppress the pirates the Fujian and Zhejiang regions. He passed away at the age of 49 and was posthumously promoted to general and his sons given noble rank.

This building was the ancestral home of Ciou Liang-Gong and is located on Wujiang St. in Jincheng. An original square bronze mirror still remains while there also two dragon-themed stone tablets inscribed with imperial orders. These tablets are 61cm high, 85cm wide and the characters "Imperial Order" are each 12cm in size. Legend has it that when Liang-Gong's descendants were given noble rank, the emperor heard about how basic their home was so authorized the construction of a suitable residence. The two stone tablets were originally intended for placement outside the new residence. The building's layout is single-courtyard with four rooms, an extension on the left and roofed walls. The walls were made from brick and stone (stone slats) while the house itself used the load-bearing wall construction style.



Management Unit Department of Tourism, Kinmem County Government

Address No.27, Wujiang St., Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Admission charge Free