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2018 Wudao City God Parade




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2018 Kinmen City God Religious and Cultural Tourism Festival
For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2018-05-26

One of the longest-running and most amazing parades in the world! For the 338th time, on Sat. May 26, the streets of Jincheng will burst into a riot of color, sound and movement. The parade starts at 1pm, and lasts until about 5pm.

You'll see and hear:
*12-ft tall deities dancing in the street
*local children dressed up in traditional costumes and makeup, riding in open carriages
*gongs, horns and drums
*lion dances
*visiting temple groups from Taiwan and Mainland China

You're welcome to join the locals lined up on the streets to watch the spectacle go by. It celebrates the historic move of one of the main temples within Kinmen's main town of Jincheng many years ago. (Wudao is Kinmen's old name, hence the name of the parade.)