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Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel


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Friday:09:00 – 22:00




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It's an easily accessible tunnel, with the entrance, curiously for a tunnel, on the 2nd floor of the Jincheng bus station.

Free guided tours (in Mandarin Chinese) run throughout the day and evening. You must be on a tour to walk through the tunnel.

This especially long tunnel was built to link key strategic places such as banks and government offices in Kinmen's largest town.


Granite was one of Kinmen's main military assets. It was exploited through the construction of tunnels across much of the islands' land area, providing strong defense and protective shielding from bomb attacks.
Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel
The Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel was built in the late 1970s. It's a relatively long underground network that links the Jincheng bus station, Jincheng Post Office, Kinmen Power Company, Water Plant, County Government, Land Bank of Taiwan, etc. It takes about 45 min to walk through.
Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel
You can learn details about how this tunnel served for war preparedness by going up to the 2nd floor of the Jincheng bus station. There you'll see some introductory exhibits, and staff will help you get on the next guided tour.
Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel
Guided tour information
All tours are conducted in Mandarin Chinese. They last about 40 min, and are free.
-Each tour allows 5 to 50 participants.
-Morning tour times: 10:30, 11:30
-Afternoon tour times: 13:30*, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30, 17:30
-Evening tour times: 19:00, 20:00*

*no limited to the number of participants


TEL +886-82-321547

Address No.7, Minsheng Road (on the second floor of Jincheng Station), Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Sunday:09:00 – 22:00
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Admission charge Free


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  • loy Seng y

    Yilan, Taiwan

    Traveler type:


    Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel

    4 2019-02

    The Kinmen Civil Defense Tunnel is the most interesting and exciting visit in our entire Kinmen Island Tour. It is the first part of the B Tour and is a mile long trek along an underground tunnel that takes about 30 minutes. The tour starts with a briefing by the Tour Guide at the Office Tower located at the Jincheng Bus Terminal. The initial part of the trek along the tunnel ( under the Jincheng Town) is lighted and as we trekked further , part of the tunnel was in completed darkness. The Guide recommended that we touch the left side of the wall during the trek in pitch darkness as a guide to go forward. The pitch darkness is deliberately initiated for about a 5 minutes trek for us to experience the sensation of complete darkness - a most exciting experience ! After trekking almost half way, we had to trek thru a period of over 5 minutes of near complete darkness and experiencing the drama of continuous bombing and artillery firing- a sound simulation of the the continuous bombing by the enemy. Trekking thru the Kinsmen Civil Defense Tunnel is indeed a great experience and should not be missed unless one has difficulty trekking the mile long adventure.
  • thelonious22


    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Cool experience walking through the tunnels

    4 2018-09

    Jincheng Civil Defense Tunnel stretched a little over a mile from Jincheng Bus Terminal to Jincheng Stadium. With Kinmen being the front for the conflict between the Communists and the Nationalists, pretty good portion of the island had an extensive tunnel network underground. You can only go guided, but hourly tours were offered throughout the day and you get to walk through the entirety of the tunnel. It wasn’t too claustrophobia-inducing as I was able to stand upright (I’m about 187cm tall) through most of it.
  • Dennis C

    Sydney, Australia

    Traveler type:


    Well worth a look

    4 2018-04

    the his tory of the Island is so important and yes a visit to all of the tunnels should be done. the understanding of what the soldiers went through for these many years and how they survived is also really interesting
  • 619jeffry

    Essendon, Australia

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Lefgendary tunnel well worth a visit

    5 2016-10

    Kinmen is famous for its tunnels. China did not cease shelling Kinmen until 1992. This is a civil defense tunnel. It was hard for residents to get off the island, so they had to have somewhere to shelter from potential threats. Now that China nd Taiwan have reached a modus vivendi over Taiwan Strait islands, hopefully that's all over.
  • Heiner5

    Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

    Traveler type:


    Interesting experience - somewhat surreal

    4 2015-08

    Of all the things to do and see in Kinmen (which is actually not too much), this is one of the more interesting things. It is a small narrow tunnel, approx 1.4 km in length which is remainder of the wartime. The walk (or guided tour in case you understand mandarin) starts in the second floor of the JingCheng bus terminal and ends just outside the township. During the 20 minute walk sometimes the lights will flicker and noise of an areal bombardment simulates a wartime attack and you get a glimpse of the claustrophobic feeling this must have had back then. On the way back you can stroll through old streets, visit some temples and, if you are lucky enough, you can find a restaurant or coffee shop to buy yourself a refreshment.

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