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Overseas Chinese Culture Museum




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        In 2001, the Kinmen National Park refurbished two abandoned Western-style houses at Shueitou and converted them into the "Story of Seafarers" and "Overseas Chinese Culture" museums.

The "Story of Seafarers" is located next to Deyue Tower and the exhibits look at the formation of the expatriate Fujian and Cantonese communities, the lives of overseas Chinese and Kinmen overseas compatriots in the South Pacific. Visitors can also press a button to listen to recordings of four folk stories from the expatriate Fujian and Cantonese communities.

The "Overseas Chinese Culture" museum is located behind Deyue Tower to the left. It mainly covers the influences of the expatriate communities in the South Pacific colonies, particularly in terms of architecture. Exhibits include the origins of South Pacific colonial architectural influences, their numbers and decorations. The exotic Western-style house, exquisite decorations such as dragons, plants, Indian sepoys, eagles and clocks retain much of the traditional atmosphere and almost seems to transport visitors back in time.



Address Overseas Chinese Culture Museum, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours 08:00-17:00, daily except for Chinese New Year's Day

Admission charge Free

Recommended length of visit