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Jincheng Coastal Park


Saturday : Open 24 hours a day




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It is close to Xueng Shi Fort and a great place for strolling.

You can watch the sunset and enjoy the night view of Xiamen.


Jincheng Coastal Park is close to the estuary of Wu-Jiang River, while the sea surrounds the two sides of the Park. The Park has an expansive view, which allows you to look over Wanglieyu Islet, Jiangongyu Islet, and even the skyscrapers along the coast of Xiamen Island. The vegetation here is accompanied by instruction boards, so that visitors are able to learn more about nature around them while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

There is a “Xueng Shi Fort” next to the Park. In the past, it was made for preventing enemy troops from landing at the estuary of Wu-Jiang River. Now, it is used by Kinmen County Association for Promoting Elderly Rights. There is military equipment such as artillery on the Fort, and it is open to the public.
Jincheng Coastal Park

If you stroll along the scenic path along the banks in the Park, you will see the rich mangrove ecosystem of Wu-Jiang River. In the intertidal zone, there are Mudskippers, Fiddler crabs, shellfish, etc. The coastline is extremely beautiful. It is also the biggest winter hideout for birds; Laridae, Herons and Sandpipers often forage for food at the coast. The path extends to Tongan pier. The pier, used for transportation between Kinmen and Xiamen in the past, has an expansive view of the endless ocean. It is also a popular attraction point for watching the sunset.

Tongan Ferry Terminal


Address Next to the estuary of Wu-Jiang River in Jincheng Township, Kinmen County, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

Opening Hours Sunday : Open 24 hours a day
Monday : Open 24 hours a day
Tuesday : Open 24 hours a day
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Thursday : Open 24 hours a day
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Saturday : Open 24 hours a day

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