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Guande Bridge





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Before Kinmen became a separate county in 1915, it was a part of Tong-an County. During the Ming Dynasty the Dapeng ancient town was located at the Golden Gate. To travel from the Dapeng ancient town to the County Capital, travelers had to go by land from the Golden Gate to the Guan-ao Inspection Agency, cross the sea then travel by land to the Tong-an County City. Government officials frequently traveled the road from Golden Gate to Guan-ao so it was known as the "Official Road". As it was also wider than other trails, it was also called the "Big Road".

Though this section of the Official Road no longer exists today, many traces of it remain such as stone tablets, road markers, cemetery markers and old bridge supports. Of the old bridge supports, the Guanlan and Guande Bridge remain today. While the Guanlan Bridge has since been covered by a new bridge, Guande Bridge still spans a ditch outside Gaokeng Village in Jinsha Township.

Guande Bridge was built completely from stone including the bridge piers on both banks. Four five-meter long and 50cm stone stabs were laid down to form a five-meter long, two-meter bridge. A pair of stone lions stands on one end of the bridge while another pair of lotus columns stands at the other. The holes on the back of the stone lions and lotus pillars suggest that the bridge once had stone railings.

Around six meters from the bridge is a rectangular stone tablet carved with the large characters "Guande Bridge" in clerical script. On the right is the year that the bridge was built and on the left, the names of people that donated to its construction.

Though the bridge is quite small, such a well-preserved state is quite rare and more effort should be dedicated to its conservation.


Address No.636-1, Gaokeng, Jinsha Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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