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Kinmen Open Water Swim and the Kinmen-Xiamen Strait Crossing Swim




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Event Date 2023-07-15~2023-07-16

With the opening of Kinmen Bridge, the venues of the Kinmen Open Water Swim and Kinmen-Xiamen Strait Crossing Swim will be moved to Shuangkou Beach (for Kinmen-Xiamen Strait Crossing Swim) and Xishan Lake Park-Donggang Bay (for Kinmen Open Water Swim) in Lieyu Township. The event date is set to be July 15, 2023 for Kinmen-Xiamen Strait Crossing Swim and July 16, 2023 for Kinmen Open Water Swim.

The event will include family-oriented activities rich in historical elements, series of events incorporating new technologies, and a fun fair. Swimming enthusiasts are invited to Kinmen with their families to register and participate. On July 15, participants can watch for free and cheer for swimmers from all around the world competing at Shuangkou Beach.

At the Kinmen Open Water Swim event on July 16, they can also experience first-hand swimming in the clear waters of the beautiful Donggang Bay. This is a unique opportunity to enjoy open water swimming tourism without going abroad. Kinmen County sincerely invites all swimming enthusiasts from Taiwan and abroad to join in this grand event. This year's open water swimming events aim to present a different Kinmen, as well as the new Kinmen Open Water Swim.