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Kinmen Family Carnival




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For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2023-07-01~2023-08-30

Kinmen Family Carnival is held from July 1st to August 31st with various fun activities designed for families. The County Government welcomes parents taking their children to Kinmen for a family trip of the unique culture and nature of Kinmen.

A wide array of activities—including sorghum broom making, wind lion god red turtle rice cake DIY, pottery making and painting DIY, the exciting water gun shooting experience, woolly glycine (Glycine tomentella) bar soap making, rock oyster farming experience, wind lion god painting, ancient costume experience, hand-made silk screen printing, and intertidal ecological tour—allow families to create unforgettable memories in their summer trip to Kinmen.

Organizer: Tourism Department, Kinmen County Government
Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event.