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Rock Oyster Cultural Festival




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Event Date 2023-04-22~2023-05-21

March to May every year is the harvest season of rock oysters and wheat!

Kinmen rock oysters are different from Taiwanese oysters because of the different farming method applied. They are small with bouncy meat, often called rock oysters or pearl oysters. The rock oyster farming method in Kinmen is unique in the world and has a history of hundreds of years. Oyster spats are cultivated on rectangular granite blocks placed in the sea. As the tide comes and goes, the oysters grown are small in size, with a bouncy texture, without a fishy smell, and are sweet and delicious. Various rock oyster cuisine is a must for visitors to Kinmen, including oyster omelet, oyster noodles, dried oyster rice, rock oyster soup, and deep-fried oysters. The harvest season is from October to March/April of the following year, with oysters being the ripest in lunar February. The endless rock oyster farms is also a sight not to be missed by visitors.

Wheat: As the land is poor in Kinmen, only drought-tolerant crops can be grown.Wheat has therefore become one of the main crops in Kinmen and it is also one of the important materials for brewing sorghum liquor. During the harvest season in the beginning of summer every year, the golden yellow waves of the wheat fields in the wind make perfect social media photos.

At the Rock Oyster and Wheat Cultural Festival, in addition to trying harvesting oyster from the farm, you must also join the thousand-people oyster shelling competition. You can take all the oysters you shelled home for free. There are also activities such as touring wheat fields in an electric car, oyster farm eco tour, wheat farming experience, wheat DIY for families, and rock oyster food festival. The activities are fun and full of learning, suitable for families with children to enjoy together.

Organizer: Jinning Township Office
Venue: Kinmen Peace Memorial Park, Guning Village

Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event.