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Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival




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For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2023-10-21~2023-10-22

Zhaishan Tunnel was dug by countless men, taking five years of hard work, during the 1958 Taiwan Strait Crisis. The tunnel can accommodate a total of 42 waterway boats to enter, exit, and turn around. It is also known a masterpiece of "Underground Kinmen."

Zhaishan Tunnel is a granite cave, which functions as a natural speaker box. Renowned musician, Mr. Zhang Zhengjie, takes advantage of this feature, and invites performers from Taiwan to perform together at Zhaishan Tunnel every year. This event is called "Kinmen Tunnel Music Festival." During the event, beautiful music is played with the echoes created by the huge, natural speaker box of Zhaishan Tunnel, leaving the audience in awe.

Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event.