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Lieyu Township's Taro Festival




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For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2023-10-01~2023-10-31

The Lieyu taro season is from mid-autumn to December every year!

Lieyu (Xiaojinmen) taro is well known to be creamy and delicious! The red clay here is rich in minerals, nurturing the taro that is aromatic, soft, and creamy. It enjoys the reputation of "melting in your mouth" and "no need to chew"; as well as the nicknames of "aromatic taro" and "purple gemstone."

In Kinmen, taro is often in home-cooked dishes, such as taro pork, taro congee, taro noodles, fried taro, taro pastry, and taro ice. Taro is definitely a must-try local delicacy for visitors! There are also taro nougat, taro pastry, taro cake, and taro noodles that will make great souvenirs!

During the taro season every year, the most popular activity among visitors is taro digging. There are also various fun activities such as interactive games and markets. All are welcomed to taste the soft and creamy taro and participate in the fun activities.

Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event.