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Sorghum, Old Street & Wind Lion God Culture Festival




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Event Date 2022-09-01~2022-11-30

Wind Lion God is a unique culture in Kinmen, also known as the Wind Lion, Stone Lion God, or Stone Lion Lord. In the early days of Kinmen, as the forests gradually disappeared and the northeast monsoon was strong, in order to prevent wind damage, the ancestors set up wind lion gods as guardians of Kinmen against the wind. Now it has become a unique belief and culture of Taiwan!
There are more than 100 wind lion god statues in Kinmen, with different shapes, either standing or squatting. The tallest wind lion god statue is as tall as 380cm (Anqi Village Wind Lion God), and the smallest is only 19cm (Qionglin Wind Lion God). The level of details in the carving varies. Some have round, bulging eyes and big mouths; some are hideous, and some are childish. Moreover, their location also varies: some are placed at the village entrance, some by the door of residences, and some on the roof. As the location might be challenging to find and the appearance of each statue varies, "Finding the Wind Lion Gods" has become a popular, fun, and challenging game!

There are 5 townships in Kinmen. In Jinsha Township alone, there are 63 wind lion gods. Therefore, Jinsha Township Office holds the "Sorghum, Old Street, & Wind Lion God Culture Festival" every year. There are various fun activities such as wind lion god red turtle rice cake DIY, sorghum broom making, and family collage DIY.

In addition, the most eye-catching event, Finding Wind Lion Gods in Jinsha, uses AR technology to take visitors around Jinsha to visit each wind lion god. It is said to start a new trend of looking for wind lion gods. There is even a limited, cartoon version of the wind lion. This activity is highly suitable for families with children to enjoy together!

Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event.