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Jinhu Township Beach Clam Festival




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Event Date 2022-08-26~2022-08-28

Clam digging is something that Kinmen people must do in summer as a family activity! Take a trowel and a bucket, or even a ladle, and dig clams on the beach when the tide is low. The whole beach is full of cheers and laughter whenever someone finds some clams!

The color of the clam is mainly white, light yellow, and brown. The shape is flat, with a smooth shell with jagged or radial lines. Clam soup and stir-fried clams are popular home-cooked dishes in summer in Kinmen. They are full of umami and very delicious.

The annual Jinhu Township Beach Clam Festival is held at the beautiful Chenggong Beach. The coastline here stretches for more than ten kilometers. The sandy beach is so soft you would feel as if you were stepping on cotton. At sunset, the golden sunlight is cast on the beach, making it absolutely gorgeous. This sight is a visitors'favorite!

In addition to clam digging, there are other interesting activities such as the watermelon eating contest, ice eating competition, clam dish tasting, beach volleyball, and beach dodge ball; as well as children’s favorite, large inflatables, and clam DIY activities for families. In the evening, there is an annual clam boy and girl pageant, singing contests, and performances given by singers and bands, which take the whole event to its climax. There are so many fun and exciting activities that are suitable for all ages!

Are you stressed from work or school during weekdays? Release all the stress in Kinmen during summer vacation! Enjoy the superb beach scenery and the fun and interesting clam digging!



Organizer: Jinhu Township Office