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The Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game for Mooncakes(Bo-Bing)




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For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2022-08-11~2022-09-10

The Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game for Mooncakes­­­, commonly known as "Bo-Bing," is carried out by rolling dices. It is a unique folk cultural activity in the Minnan region. Legend has it that Hong Xu, a Kinmen-born general serving under Zheng Chenggong, invented the game for the officers and soldiers staying behind in Xiamen to play on Mid-Autumn Festival to calm them of their homesickness when Zheng Chenggong led the attack on Jinling. The game has spread in Xiamen,Quanzhou, and Kinmen and has become a folk entertainment for the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Bo-Bing has been around for more than 300 years now. During the military rule period in Kinmen, it disappeared for a while. In order to pass down folk customs and develop tourism, the Mid-Autumn Festival Dice Game for Mooncakes­­­ event is now held every year. The event was chosen to be included in the Taiwan Tourism Calendar in 2012 as an international tourism event!

Location: the entire Kinmen Island

Refer to the latest announcements from the organizer for the specific time and location of the event