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Jinning Rock Oyster and Wheat Culture Festival




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Event Date 2021-04-10~2021-04-11

Event Location Kinmen Peace Memorial Park, Jinning Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C
With oyster farms as the backdrop, the essence of experiences and culture passed down by oyster farmers in the past hundred years are presented amidst a unique island setting featuring the spirit of perseverant fishermen and local industries. In addition to guided eco tours in oyster farms, visitors can also take part in a delicious food fair, the Thousand People Oyster Shelling Event or sign up for creative DIY workshops to make handcrafts using wheat or make XO sauce that features the aroma of oysters.

Event Location: Kinmen Peace Memorial Park
Event Organizer: Jinning Township Office
TEL: +886-82-325610