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2021 Kinmen Marathon




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2021 Kinmen Marathon
For details, please contact the Event Organizer.

Event Date 2021-01-16~2021-01-17

2021 Kinmen Marathon will be held on January 16th and 17, 2021, at the National Quemoy University. The quota for the competition category is 8,000 people (full marathon, half marathon and 11.2 km run), and the quota for the category of leisure running race is 11,000. Runners from all places are invited to Kinmen to race on the beautiful track, savor good wine and food, and meet the friendly locals.

Registration information: 

Stage 1
Registration period: from 6 pm on Oct. 16th (Friday) to 6 pm on Oct. 22nd (Thursday)  
Target group: Priority will be given to runners who have registered for 2020 Kinmen Marathon.

1. Only online registration will be accepted
2. Registration is made based on the original registration certificate number
3. May select a different category

Stage 2 
Registration period: from 6pm on Oct. 26th (Monday) to 5 pm on Nov. 10th (Tuesday)
Target group: General runners 

1. Only online registration will be accepted
2. Remaining vacancies from Stage 1 will be released for Stage 2 registration. 
3. Due to limited quota, no registration is accepted when the quota is full. 

Kinmen Marathon Brochure

Organizer: Kinmen County Government
Event venue: National Quemoy University
Contact Person : Mr. Li
TEL: +886-82-325630#62492 

Event date and venue will be based on the organizer’s latest announcement