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Grace Homestay





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TEL +886-82-322389、866-932-517-669

Address No.40,41, Qianshuitou, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

(For current prices, please contact the business directly.)


Shuitou No. 40 Traditional-Style Bed & Breakfast was built during the Qing dynasty and features a traditional-style layout, structural s style known as "11 Supports" or "Large-Size" and a front and rear hall connected on the left and right sides. It is a large traditional residential building facing southwest. A 7.5 meter courtyard is located outside the entrance, and nearby are a group of Deyue Tower old Western-style buildings, Jinshui Elementary School, Shuitou 18 Beams, and Huang Family Youtang Garden, a second-grade historical site, making this a hub of tourist attractions.
Grace Homestay inside
Shui Diao Ge Tou Bed & Breakfast is named after a famous poem by Su Dongpo as well as its location close to the water. Here you can experience the wisdom and charming layout of Kinmen's old buildings, and feel a sense of spiritual fulfillment. These old buildings have a long and colorful history, the weathered stone slabs have stood firm against the test of time, and the mottled red bricks and tiles still shine after a long rain. Life is to be celebrated and cherished. Share a moment of peace and quiet with family and friends, and hold it as a beautiful, lasting memory – this is the sublime power of our traditional-style B&B. Welcome to Shui Diao Ge Tou Bed & Breakfast!
Grace Homestay double room
1. Owner's phone number: +886-932-517669.
2. Citizen's Travel Cards accepted (Uniform No. 34927970).
3. Free bikes and Internet service, car/scooter rental, and tour guides/planning.
4. Location: Shang Yi Airport – Zhong Yang Road –left at Jin Cheng Roundabout –right at Bei Ti Road – left at Wu Jiang Bridge – go straight till Shueitou Village – go straight at the Kaoliang Liquor Mark, (behind the Deyue Tower) and we are on the left, after about 12 minutes. No. 6 or No. 7 bus from Jin Cheng Station, get off at Shueitou Roundabout.
5. B&B registration number: July 14, 2005 Fu Jiao Ye Zi No. 0940034488 # (022)

Nearby locations include: Jinshui Elementary School, Youtang Garden (2nd-grade historical site), Maoshan Tower beachside, Qiao Xiang Guan, De Yue Tower (special architecture building), Shuitou 18 Beams, Zhihui Pavilion, Xiao San Tong (The "Mini-three links") wharf, Jian Gong Yu, Ju Guang Building, and Zhaishan Tunnel.